What's Wrong with Multiculturalism? A European Perspective

What's Wrong with Multiculturalism? A European Perspective

On June 3, 2012, Kenan Malik gave a very engaging and thought-provoking lecture at UBC that pulled together many of the themes he has been writing about recently including immigration, identity, diversity and multiculturalism.

The lecture was broadcast in full on Friday, June 22 at 9 pm (9:30 NT) on the CBC Radio One program, Ideas. To listen to the podcast, go to www.cbc.ca/ideas/popupaudio.html?clipIds=2249132128 or to the resources section of this site.

For a transcript of the lecture, view http://kenanmalik.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/what-is-wrong-with-multiculturalism-part-2/#more-7480 or go to the Resources section of this site.

From now until the end of the year, we will be posting interesting articles, blogs, podcasts and other resources on multiculturalism in Europe. We will also be supporting and encouraging discussion and debate on this very important topic. Please share your resources and ideas.

Kenan Malik is a writer, lecturer and broadcaster. His books include From Fatwa to Jihad (2009), Strange Fruit (2008), Man, Beast and Zombie (2000), and The Meaning of Race (1996). He has also written and presented a number of radio and TV documentaries including Disunited Kingdom, Are Muslims Hated?, Islam, Mullahs and the Media, Skullduggery, and Man, Beast and Politics. He is currently writing a history of moral thought.

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